A Fracture in Space

for Minecarft v1.16.4 385 views

Download A Fracture in Space for Minecraft 1.16.4

When the machine you build breaks and rips a tear in the fabric of Space, pulling you into the rift. Using the random jumps between worlds you must puzzle out a multitude of puzzles (many requiring other ones complete to do), conquer the unconquerable and fix your machine before its to late, But as you explore the realities your trapped in, you discover a darker cause behind the machine's failure,

Note: Due to a lack of play testers there might be minor glitches, I have play tested this map multiple times and I try to do things someone who hasn't would do but I know my map inside out and I might of missed a few glitches, I would be grateful for any feedback on glitches or bugs so I can patch them, (I would also like a video of this but I can't edit video with any success), Sorry if any glitches ruins your game experience

When (and if) you complete this map you will soon be able to play the sequel to this, "A Fracture in Time" (When I complete it, And it should be better)


Download map A Fracture in Space

A_Fracture_in_Space.zip (5 mb)

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Published 26.05.2021 by The_Sky_Rider