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Download Rogues for Minecraft 1.12.2

This map is also available on Realms! But if you don't have that, just load it into a server, should work too (Resource Pack link).

The goal is relatively simple here: steal diamonds. However, there are two things that completely screw up your strategy.

1. You can become invisible. Pretty hard to kill others when you don't know where they are.

2. Everyone has a sword that kills instantly. Dead or alive!

Besides this, you can find gold and powerups in chests. Trade the gold for items that will help you getting more diamonds, and use powerups to run faster, set up traps, or even revive yourself! Just don't get too reckless; after all, you may be invisible, your items, footsteps and sword are certainly not... and death results in losing all items! (Except gold, that stuff is sticky.)

You can play the base game, but there are many things to learn. Maybe staying visible might be smart? Maybe you should keep or share some items? Do you hang around as much as possible, or steal and return immediately? Make your own strategy and outsmart the other team to win!

Includes: custom resource pack, "cool" mechanics, six arena's, different modes and rules, and five death effects plus two unlockable ones. And perks, effects, traps, and a big lobby, but you're gonna have to use them yourself.

So, where are you waiting for? Oh, for the opponent to leave that chest alone so you can plunder it after the next refill? Yeah, ok. Better wait then. 

NOTE: this game is for 2 players or more ONLY, but much better enjoyable with as many as possible. You cannot really play alone, but cheats are on so explore whatever you want. Oh yeah, and report all bugs you can! Please!


Download map Rogues (1 mb)

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Published 26.04.2018 by Dieuwt