Someone is Playing

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Download Someone is Playing for Minecraft 1.12.2

IMPORTANT: this map is for 0 players or less ONLY. 

That having said, you can still join.

Maybe, the makers need your help.

Actually they don't, but you can still hang around.

For now.

Actual Info

OK so obviously this map is for 0 players (although you can also play with -1 if you want). If you really want to be playing, please don't play with more than 1, we don't want -2 players here.

Also you could put your render distance high or low, or your settings different, you could cheat, you could play in multiplayer, and you can not credit me if you put it on Youtube or whatever, but what does it matter? You can't do anything anyways!

You will get bored after 30 minutes. Or 15, depending on how patient you are. Now download it, and press that button, and get the message that you cannot join because this map is for 0 players or less only. Did I already mention that?

Also, this map was literally made for a cow. Here you go cow, don't challenge me!



- You could go with the Key in the Temple and place it somewhere. Bad. Now, the entrance is locked with barriers.


Download map Someone is Playing (809 kb)

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Published 13.05.2018 by Dieuwt