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Map Info:

Your submarine has broken down and all you have are the tools from your survival kit to stay alive. Playing tactically and using your surroundings to your advantage is the key to surviving!

This map is very easy to install and use. It is compatible with any resource pack, so all you need to do is drag the map into your saves folder and hit play!


No cheating! If you feel like you're breaking the map, you probably are. The only time "cheating" is ok is if you don't spawn anywhere near the submarine. You can use creative to swim in there and start the game.

Challenges - Can you complete them all?

  • Repair the submarine
  • Make a tree farm
  • Make a melon farm
  • Make a wheat farm
  • Explore the sunken ships
  • Make a mob grinder
  • Build a barn for the animals
  • Make an enchanting room
  • Make a Jukebox and play a song
  • Craft a fishing rod
  • Catch 1 of every kind of fish
  • Make a pumpkin farm
  • Make a beach house on the island
  • Find the treasure
  • Go to the Nether
  • Make a water breathing potion
  • Craft an enchanted golden apple
  • Make an underwater glass tree dome (The tree needs to be able to grow inside of it)
  • Revive two villager zombies and start a community
  • Build an automated farm with redstone
  • Build a rollercoaster
  • Suggest your own challenges in the comments!

    Map by: JayMineCrafton and Wundero

    Download map Submersed (2 mb)

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    Published 10.05.2015 by JayMineCrafton