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Download H.E.A.T for Minecraft 1.16.1

Map Summary

  • Map Name: H.E.A.T
  • Map Version: 1.16.1 (Any other 1.16 versions should work too)
  • Players: 1+
  • Number of objectives: 3
  • Length: Short
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Features

    • Pseudo-random room generation
    • A more "fps" like combat sytle compared to the normal "hack and slash" ctms.
    • 5 unique classes to choose from, each with different focuses.
    • Customized loot with mechanics, including medkits and jetpacks!
    • Large number of custom mobs and mini bosses.
    • Tips:

      Read the rules and tips carefully!

      If you feel the gameplay is slightly too repetitive feel free to download the "fast" version of the map, everything is the same except there are less rooms you are supposed to complete before getting the wool.

      Let me know if there are any problems with the map.

      Good luck and have fun!

      Download map H.E.A.T

      H.E.A.T.zip (6 mb)

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      Published 19.01.2021 by GalacticAC