Harnessing Helium 4 - The Mountain

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Download Harnessing Helium 4 - The Mountain for Minecraft 1.14

Sparkling Helium (Harnessing Helium 3) released almost half a year ago, and then it seemed as if the series went silent. Early December, a few hints were dropped and look at it now! The Harnessing Helium series returns for a fourth time with a visual overhaul, a currency system, an in-game shop, and plenty of references to the hit minecraft song "Revenge"! CptAw CptMan

This (by the way) is not a parody map, or fan map. Spark Games was given the ability to continue the H.H. series from the original creator himself; Henzoid.


You own a small laboratory in the new color-biome because... well... you're rich, why wouldn't you have a laboratory in the coolest biome in Minecraft? Anyways, your team of researchers have been developing new and exciting ways for you to reach your mountain-top vacation home- and Testificate014 has finally made something worth trying out. You better head on down to the lowest level of the Laboratory to meet Testificate014 and test their latest and greatest contraption.

Rules and Settings

1. Single-Player Only. This current state of the game only has SINGLE-PLAYER available for play. We are planning on releasing a CO-OP version in the future, but as for now you must only play in SINGLE-PLAYER. 

2. You must be an operator while playing. If playing on Single-Player: You must open the world to LAN and have cheats enabled. If playing on multi-player: You must be an operator while playing.

3. Play with your render distance set to above 7.

4. Play with your minecraft in-game volume up to a comfortable level- so that you can hear the game's music.

Note from Spark Games

We made this map in 6 months, and we had many ideas for things to add to the game while making it. We had so many ideas, that we eventually had to stop adding new things, and just start writing them down. We needed to see if people liked our game, before we spent 6 more months working on it. We have so much content planned for this game, such as custom music, mini-games, missions, CO-OP, and more... but it's all banking on this game's success. If this game is liked by a lot of people, we'll continue developing it... if not, we'll move on to working on our next game.


Download map Harnessing Helium 4 - The Mountain

HH4_The_Mountain.zip (12 mb)

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Published 20.12.2019 by Spark Games