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Download Natural for Minecraft 1.16.4

Summary: Obviously inspired by a recently popular parkour course this five-minute challenge should be a breeze to the more experienced players. The course can be played with as many players as you’d like, however, if playing on a server it’s highly encouraged that you disable PVP in the server properties settings. This map is for Minecraft: Java Edition versions 1.16.4 and later.

Objective/Hotbar Items: To win you must pass all 12 checkpoints (marked by gold blocks) and finally stand on the red wool within the pyramid. You’re timed as you’re playing, and you’ll receive a rating on how long it took you to complete each segment at every checkpoint (the ratings are based upon how long the map testers --a select group of intermediate parkour players-- took to complete each segment). Those ratings shouldn’t have any effect on overall performance, which is then judged. Any full-time under five minutes is considered passable, and anything under two minutes and twenty seconds is considered flawless. If ever at any point you become stuck or lost, drop the “Return To Checkpoint” item from your hotbar. If ever at any point you wish to restart your run drop the “Reset” item from your hotbar. If ever at any point you can no longer stand the section you’re currently on and would like to proceed, drop the “Skip” item from your hotbar.

Codes: If you’ve seen a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer play this map and have a “code” from them, you may apply it using the “Use Codes” item from your inventory. Simply drop that item and follow the instructions provided on-screen. To negate the effects of used codes, leave and rejoin- or remove cosmetic items manually from your inventory.

Download map Natural (6 mb)

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Published 16.03.2021 by Spark Games