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Download Chris6dizzle for Minecraft 1.12.2

Welcome to Chris6dizzle!

Your mission is simple: to navigate through the puzzles, combat tasks, parkour, mazes and more. Your story? Who knows? It is a Minecraft map, after all. You're simply epic, and you have one task: to complete the puzzle. Are you up to the challenge?

This map took approximately six months to make, and can be completed in about 45 minutes (if you're skilled at parkour and combat, maybe 30 minutes). In addition to making your way through the prismarine-themed puzzles, you'll also be tasked with collecting Power Cores throughout your journey. These can be found in hidden chests around the map.

There are 72 Power Cores, so when you complete the map, count how many you found. You don't need Power Cores to complete the map, but they can be used as a score count, I guess. There are also five custom achievements that you will earn as you progress in the map. Cool, eh?

There are even bonus challenges that are not required, but if you choose to complete them, could be very rewarding!

Another important note: this map requires the Chris6dizzle Resource Pack, (which is included), but can also be downloaded here. Technically it's not needed to run the map, but some levels may look weird without it, especially the city level that comes later on.

Of course, there are rules that must be followed in Chris6dizzle. These are all addressed in the map itself, but are also listed here:

  • Play on either Easy, Normal or Hard mode. No Peaceful. There is a difficulty selector in the map, which must be used to set the difficulty.
  • Do not destroy any blocks except green wool.
  • You can only place buttons on prismarine bricks (the dark-green square blocks).
  • Stay in gamemode 0 (survival mode).
  • No using cheats of any kind, including switching gamemodes.
    • Checkpoints are saved via command blocks, and do not require beds (what is this, 1.4?), so players will not have to use commands to set the time. If they do, this is considered cheating.
    • Make sure the following game rules are accurate (they should already be, though):
      • Gamerule doMobSpawning = false.
      • Gamerule doMobLoot = false.
      • Gamerule doDaylightCycle = false.
      • Gamerule doFireTick = false
      • Gamerule commandBlockOutput = false.
      • Gamerule doTileDrops = false
      • Gamerule doWeatherCycle = false
      • Gamerule keepInventory = true (unless you want to lose all of your stuff, which could break the map)
      • Gamerule mobGriefing = false
      • If I'm forgetting anything, which I'm probably not, I'll add it here. If the download link isn't working, try this. Hope you download the map, play it, love it, and follow me on YouTubeTwitter, and Discord. I'll see ya next time.


        Download map Chris6dizzle
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        Published 12.10.2018 by Chris6d