Distraction Action

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Download Distraction Action for Minecraft 1.16.4

You are the last member of your focus group to play-test Distraction Action under the development team’s supervision. Your primary objective is to finish the first fourteen levels of the game in a timely manner. The game isn’t exactly finished, so the developers will have to walk you through some of the mechanics of it all. To complete a puzzle you’ll have to make it to the finish platform, an area of the map only accessible by moving a blind enemy around you. Thankfully, Jeff’s easy to avoid… but the longer you play the more you realize avoiding Jeff is the least of your troubles with him. 

Distraction Action is single-player and to be played in 1.16.4 or 1.16.5 only. Render distance must be set to 10 or higher. Music is played on the “Player” slider, and narration is played on the “Voice” slider, both of which are found in the “Music & Sounds…” settings.

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minecraftmaps.com-Distraction_Action.zip (17 mb)

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Published 29.08.2021 by Spark Games